Thursday, November 17, 2011

Treasures of the Snow

"All buses are canceled..."  the message drifts across the radio waves and into my sleepy brain and suddenly all my plans for the day are rearranged.

And it's okay.  We still did home school, but it had an extra flavor of fun because the big sister was home, popping in and out of the room with her witty comments.  Instead of rushing so I could go off to work we lingered over the marvels of some sea creatures and discussed pacifism at length.  All the while my firstborn was sorting laundry and baking cookies.

The snow piles deeper and the wind carves huge drifts and we snuggle down on the couch to watch a movie and eat not one, but two or three gooey warm chocolate cookies.  In the middle of the afternoon.

I'm really disappointed about the canceled evening plans.  I'll grieve a little, but I know that other happy evenings await me.  Giving thanks in all things...

You can call me Type A, and I'll admit to being goal-oriented, but today the gift--wrapped in fluffy white--is in finding joy and contentment in not being the boss of my universe.  In having my plans upended and finding it's not the end of the world.  The to-do list will still be there tomorrow and it may be a little longer, but it won't be a disaster--some of it may even turn out to be completely irrelevant.

The Book of Job talks about "treasures of the snow"...

Today I have found "treasures of the snow" in being relieved of the compulsion to keep my busy universe on its axis.  It's all safe in His hands, the ability to do any of it only possible by His grace, the sense of accomplishment a gift for another day,

Job 38:22 KJV

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  1. I'm glad everything else went awry so that I could see you last evening! You were the yellow in my rainbow!