Monday, November 7, 2011


The word of the day--perhaps of the week--is definitely flexibility.

We have two precious like-family little girls with us for a few days, my mother-in-law is surprising us a with a visit, and this is the week I need to train someone at work.  Each one a blessing, yet 'all at the same time' with the potential to push my I-want-to-manage-everything-perfectly-and-with-a-minimum-of-chaos brain into panic.

"My peace--my shalom, a calm in the midst of the storm--I leave with you...don't let your heart be troubled."

Breathe, bend, flex, release control.

Years ago I exercised at a Curves Fitness Center.  Many elderly women also exercised there and I was surprised at the difference in their mobility and balance.  Some of them were well into their 80s and quite flexible and strong.  Some were in their 60s and not nearly so mobile.  Of course I struck up a conversation with them!  Besides finding people so interesting, I wanted to discover the secret.  I want to be a strong and flexible ninety-year-old!

The ones who were strong and flexible had maintained a practice of regularly stretching and exercising.

Ah, stretching.

I found a of list of benefits to stretching and it includes:  increased energy and flexibility, better range of motion, stress relief, improved posture and coordination, greater circulation of blood to various body parts, and a greater sense of well-being.

When I'm rigid and controlling there's potential for breakage--mine or perhaps someone I love!  When I stretch and bend there's stress relief and a sense of well being.  That thought makes me smile.

My prayer for today is for your grace to fill me, Lord.  I choose to stretch and to be okay with things not going according to my plan.  I invite your shalom to increase my energy, range of motion, and coordination.  Please keep me from becoming twisted up in self-centeredness.  I want greater circulation of your life and love flowing in me and through me to others.  Help me to stretch and flex.  All and only by your power and grace.  Amen.

John 14:27


  1. ...and this stretching can cause a bit of discomfort! I had Achilles tendonitis this year, and the stretching was not pleasant at first...but everything you said about the benefits of stretching is true.

  2. Just call me Gumby!!!

    And I'll shout out an Amen to that prayer!

    Blessing you, friend.

  3. Blessings shall flow where the heart seeks Peace.