Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sensory Gifts

Today I'm thankful for my five senses.

I had the rare treat of going out for lunch at an Indian restaurant.  The dazzling smell as I walked through the door...mmmm.  The sound of the Bollywood music...impossible not to smile.  The laughter of friends, even better music.  The colour of the vegetables in the gorgeous yellow curry sauce...  Butter chicken.  Taste bud heaven. (If you have a good recipe, I implore you to share!)  *sigh*  It was all so good.

I'm sure that our senses are a gift.  They're practical in the way they keep us safe, but I'm also convinced that He had our delight in mind when He created them.  Of course these gifts have been corrupted--we're all too well acquainted with how they've been misused.  This has caused some to regard all pleasure with suspicion thereby creating a fear-based religion that demeans the very things that were meant to delight.

Perhaps you've been exposed to this type of religion and it's hard for you to view God as a Father who delights in giving His children sensory gifts.  Perhaps you're a bit resentful toward Him because you've wanted to enjoy these pleasures outside of the parameters that He says are good and beneficial for you.

Just as we are thrilled when our kids like the gifts we give to them, I know He likes it when He sees us enjoying His gifts.  Tonight as I made tortillas, I felt His pleasure in my joy.  The feel of the soft dough in my hands, the sweetness of the time spent with the boy who was flipping them as fast as I could roll them, and the moment in which we all shared one hot off the grill and slathered in butter and honey--all gifts.  The joy in our hearts was all worship...

"Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.
For who can eat or enjoy anything apart from him?"


  1. :) Now I am reliving lunch...yummy writing!

  2. Ha ha...of course you knew I'd like this post! Your posts are so much about releasing freedom...freedom to be thankful, freedom to enjoy, freedom to delight, freedom to move away from that "fear-based religion that demeans the very things that were meant to delight"...


  3. Try this link - it looks similar to the recipe I make, and it always turns out tasty! Love your blogs!