Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Act of Worship

I dropped the ball today.  A couple of balls, in fact.  An extra got thrown into the juggling act and everything came crashing down.  Or dripping down.  In little salty puddles on my desk.  I uttered my most eloquent prayer: "Help!"

A desperate woman once came to Jesus and threw herself at his feet.  It's recorded that she came "and worshiped him, saying, Lord, help me!"

Turns out that desperately calling out isn't a sign of failure, but of worship.  She worshiped him saying, "Lord, help me!"

Worship isn't just about giving the best we have to offer, our talents, our hearts or our obedience.  It also includes acknowledging that He is the source of all that we need.

No magic wand swept away all my "dropped balls" this morning, but within minutes I had an encouraging phone call with a friend.  While on the phone another texted and said, "Praying for you right now.  How are things?"  Half an hour later another text from another friend saying they were thinking of me.  Really? 

Oh, how He loves us!  Jesus showed up "with skin on" in the form of my friends.  Their expressions of love strengthened my weary heart and gave me the courage to pick those balls back up and to get juggling again.

Matthew 15:25

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  1. I too have been amazed and blessed by good friends this week!