Tuesday, November 22, 2011


King David of ancient Biblical times knew about thanksgiving as a key to survival and success.  I challenge you to come up with some sort of difficulty that he couldn't relate to.  He was the runt of the litter, mocked by his siblings, had his life threatened repeatedly by someone he'd only honored and tried to help, messed up big time in life, love and parenting, but God described him as "a man whose heart beats to my heart."*  How can this be?

David knew how to "strengthen himself in the Lord."*

This is evident throughout the Psalms.  David had no trouble being really honest about how troubled or discouraged he was.  He would pour it all out with gut-wrenching honesty.  Then he would begin to recount the ways that God had met his needs in the past, all the many blessings he had received, and he would begin to offer praise and worship.  All the remembering and recounting would increase his faith for the current challenge he was facing.  Through thanksgiving and worship his heart would be encouraged and strengthened.

I want to be strengthened and encouraged.  I want my heart to beat with His heart.

Counting and recounting...

~ Really good new winter tires.  The roads are frightful today and I find myself very grateful!

~  Thankful for the snow too...my kids are having a ball and it's putting me in the mood for Christmas planning.

~ The beauty of the snow when the sun came out...such intricate beauty, such fantastic sparkling loveliness!  No accident, but by incredible design!  I worship the Creator.

~ My son has discovered Calvin and Hobbes and won't put them down.  Love finding something he really wants to read.  Amused that I think he's a bit like Calvin and he thinks Calvin is crazy.  Amused and blessed.  That's me.

~  My new co-worker.  We've hired someone to share my (paid) job which will hopefully bring some relief to my overfull schedule.  She's got a joyful heart and I think she'll do a great job.

~  Watching Kaleigh skate...the swooping, spinning and jumping looks like worship in motion.  My heart soars in ways that my feet will never take me.

~  I survived Tuesday!  EVERYTHING happens on Tuesday, well, almost everything.  Piano, guitar, skating, etc., etc.  I planned it that way to get it over with, but I also feel quite triumphant when I've completed the marathon.  My reward is to snuggle on the couch and watch a favorite show with my honey.  That's where you'll find me tonight.

I'd love it if you'd keep counting with me...

Acts 13:22 MSG, 1 Samuel 30:6

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  1. 1) I missed my train to work by a hair...and I thought, "I need to be thankful that I have the money to ride the train, and that we even have a train system...and.."...and I caught the next train and MIRACULOUSLY (seriously) made it to work right on time!

    2) Thankful for Elizabeth, the older nurse from Emerg who happened to comment on how fast I was walking in the hallway as I was trying to catch the next bus at 11:20pm at night...Talk about circumstances changing to be in my favour--she lives in Dalhousie and offered me a ride (and she gabbed the whole way home...very amusing!)

    3)Thankful for great roomies who celebrate when I get home from work. "The boys" were hunkered-down in the basement watching an "action-turned-boring-drama" and I got to hang out and chill with them for a bit. A great end to my day.

    4) Thankful for SUNSHINE, though it wakes me up earlier than is good for me as I work evenings and am phasing into nights...

    5)Thankful for the staff on my unit who are approachable and ask if I need any help!