Monday, November 21, 2011

Stay Calm, Count On

Ann Voskamp is, without question, my favorite blogger.  Her post today on A Holy Experience had a graphic with the words "Keep calm and count on."  This is in keeping with her theme of thanks appears to be the only thing I can blog about this week.

The only way I'm successfully coping with my to-do list this week is to "Keep calm and count on."  Stay calm.  Count your blessings.  It seems to be keeping me from complete and utter panic.


1.  My son has been praying for more friends that are boys.  Someday he'll probably be grateful that so many of our friends are cute girls, but for now he needs more boys to play with.  Today friends from Fort St John are shopping in the city and dropped off their son to play.  A friend that's a boy.  All day.  How cool is that?  As strange as it may sound, this actually helped me accomplish more and I got caught up on some stuff.  Two blessings in one.

2.  Maybe I should count that as three blessings in one because said friends brought pizza for supper which meant I had time to blog!!  (I wish I knew html so I could insert a very happy smiley face.)

3.  Our care group.  Monday nights we have the privilege of hosting a care group in our home.  If you saw me acting slightly insane as I try to whip my house and kids in order at the last minute before everyone shows up, you might question the "privilege" part, but it's true.  These people are the people who divide my sorrows and multiply my joys.  We're committed to caring for each other, encouraging each other, and praying for each other.  My life wouldn't be the same without them.

Each one of these blessings is from the loving heart of my Father.  My heart is filled with worship and thanksgiving as I recognize His kindness in my life!

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven.
The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light.
There is nothing deceitful in God,
nothing two-faced, nothing fickle.
James 1:17

Please feel free to keep counting with me in the comments.  Every blessing shared is an encouragement!


  1. Today I'm thankful for testimonies of God's Love...heard stories tonight of people's lives being testimony of a prostitute coming to Jesus and committing to be "the mom I never had" to the little baby in her belly...another testimony of a drug addict delivered from crystal meth and a history of sexual abuse...another testimony of a girl freed from bi-polar disorder and suicidal thoughts...another girl freed from an eating disorder...another teenager who was abandoned by his dad at birth and had just realized that he is an adopted SON of God...and then my friend ran up to the front and testified in front of EVERYONE how God brought him out of a porn addiction... and this ALL because of the furious love of Christ. Oh, it was beautiful. He makes broken lives new.

  2. Just as much a blessing for us, my friend! Loved visiting last night. It was such a comfort to know that someone else has been in the place I'm in right now and come out the other side.