Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Blessings

A post of random blessings...may you discover random blessings in your day too!

I slept in today--almost unheard of!  It was a glorious thing to realize that I'd just slept more than an hour past my regular automatic wake-up time, but I felt so unorganized and rushed getting ready for church that I think I'm glad it's not a regular thing.  Boring creature of habit that I am, I think it's best to stick with my habit of going to bed early.  Sleep is good AND I like lingering over my coffee. Sleeping in=mixed blessing.

Some people like to quote, "Don't forsake the gathering of yourselves together..." as though God is sitting in heaven taking a tally of everyone who doesn't go to church.  I hate that.  They leave off the best part of the quote, "...but encourage one another."*  That's why I go.  To be encouraged.  I was so encouraged today.  Besides hugs and laughter with wonderful people, we dedicated our Christmas shoeboxes and saw a video from Operation Christmas Child in which a story was recounted of a girl in Bosnia receiving a shoebox.  I admit that I bawled like a baby.  God doesn't just know your name, He knows your shoe size.  You can live in the middle of a war zone and He'll let you know that He loves you.

Also at church, my daughter sang with her dad accompanying on the guitar.  He hit a few wrong chords.  Ouch.  Lucky for him he didn't see the glare she gave him...though she kept on singing like an angel.  Wish I had a video!  I thought it was hilarious.

My son was put to bed an hour ago and he just called out, "What does eradicate mean?"  Seriously.  That's not a question you should ask your mother when she's already told you to be quiet three times! The definitions I could give...though I'm secretly amused.

Oldest daughter and hubby are chatting and working on a puzzle while I write.  It's good.

Sunday isn't the end of my weekend, it's the launch of my week.  I'm soaking up all these blessings...gathering strength to face the tasks of the rest of the week.

I will answer them before they even call to me. 
While they are still talking about their needs,
I will go ahead and answer their prayers!
Isaiah 65:24

A God who knows the shoe size of a little girl in Bosnia can handle the needs of my week.

May you be blessed with courage and strength as your face yours!

*Hebrews 10:25

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  1. I bawled too... and was glad I was sitting in the back of the church! Blessings on your week too!