Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Recipe for Joy

This is my least favorite time of the year.  The glorious leaves are gone, the gracious mantle of snow hasn't yet arrived to cover the bleak landscape, and there's so...much...less...sunlight.  I'm pretty sure I'm solar powered.   For the rest of the year I cannot sleep in.  In October/November, it seems I cannot wake up or remain awake.  As a substitute for sun, my body demands carbs and sleep.  It is as though I'm overtaken by a primal urge to hibernate.

However, nothing else in my life recognizes or validates my hibernation theory so I trudge on determined to hang in there until my body adjusts.  I take my vitamins, try not to eat as much chocolate as I'm inclined, go to bed early when possible, and...well, I'm thinking about dusting off the elliptical machine.

Kindly, graciously, (might I add humorously?) my Father reminds me that my attitude also has a huge effect on my body, that there is a Source of strength greater than my circumstances.  Through the "mouths of babes" He speaks to me.  My daughter gave me a lovely picture--this is where the "humorously" comes in as I recognize it as a smack up the back of my head!

This is now posted beside my bathroom mirror--the spot where my day more or less begins and ends--to remind me of the best way to start and end.

"Every morning tell him, "Thank you for your kindness."  Starting the day by thanking Him that it's going to be a good one is a really good plan!  Something physically changes in my sleepy mind and body as I say, "Thank you for your kindness," out loud, first thing in the morning.  It's surprising that choosing this stance of anticipation of His kindness actually positions the heart to recognize that kindness throughout the day.  I spot it in the laughter of my coworkers, in an encouraging phone call from a friend, in the hugs of my children.  It's everywhere!

"Every evening rejoice in all His faithfulness."  Ending the day by counting it's blessings rather than groaning under the weight of it's challenges has a good way of putting those (very real) challenges where they belong:  in the faithful Hands that carried you through this day.  Remember, pause to make yourself aware, and rejoice in His faithfulness.  Faith grows.

"You have done so much for me...I sing for joy!"

It's true.  It's a recipe for joy.  Even when the sun's not shining.


  1. Mmmmmhmm! Your 1st paragraph describes my feelings EXACTLY..

    Ah, such an amazing verse. I know good things will come of you focusing on His kindness and His faithfulness each and every day! :)

  2. Your kids are so amazing. I wonder where they get it from? :)