Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful Things

Years ago when my kids were still quite little, I started a bedtime tradition of, "Give me five!"  I'd hold up my hand with five fingers spread and they'd tell me five things about the day for which they were thankful.  I was hoping to develop an atttitude of gratitude.  Little did I know that I was just giving them more ideas about how to delay bedtime--now they often insist on up to twenty "thankful things" and I've been told you can't rush gratitude.  Sigh.

Well, it's day nineteen of the thirty day blogging challenge and way past my bedtime so I'm going to give you five:

1.  Fresh blackberries for breakfast.  How is it that I live in place where mid-November brings snow and -25 degrees and I get to eat fresh blackberries?  This is proof, I tell my son, that we are indeed rich.  Nothing to do with the bank account--wealth is a sweet black stain on my yogurt and a warm, wiggly boy at my side.

2.  Having enough "wealth" to fill some Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with treasures to send to faraway kids.  It was fun to linger in the toy aisle with my kids, picking and choosing and imagining joy and delight on an unknown child's face.  Tomorrow is dedication Sunday for the shoeboxes.  Love doing this!

3.  My husband blessing me with the opportunity to spend a kid-free afternoon shopping with a friend.  Can't remember the last time I did that.  I may have almost forgotten what it's like to try stuff on and have someone say it like it is: "You've got to buy that!" or "Nope, that would be a big mistake and I like you too much to let you do it."  So.  Much.  Fun.

4.  A clerk giving me 20% off even though "the sale doesn't start until tomorrow."  Seriously. Gotta love that!  I hope she gets hugely blessed in some way.

5.  Finding a song that says what my heart needs to say, to soak in the music, and let it wash away all the weariness.  This was the blessing that completed the day.

Maybe I'm a little bit like my kids because I need to add more:  I'm super extra thankful for my warm house wherein beloved ones are sleeping and that I'm off to an incredibly comfortable bed!

May you be blessed with sweet dreams and your own list of Thankful Things.  I'd love it if you'd "Give me five!" in the comments.


  1. 1) A wonderful job working with kids in a world class facility!
    2) My roomies, who continue to bless me and make me laugh.
    3) Warmth in winter cold. We are blessed with heat! My poor Mumsy in her still unheated school reminds me of this.
    4) My opportunities to travel and see things many people don't get to see.
    5) My friends...especially you! You infuse my life with much laughter, joy, wisdom and goodness. Love you!

  2. ^5!! (Just learned that one!) 19 of 30, that's only 11 to go! You're doing great(!!) but I don't know what I will do when you stop posting every day. I'm grateful you have come into my life.
    And what a fantastic affirmation that you are an awesome price a day early.

  3. I'm thankful for
    1. A little baby inside of me that is always moving, which gives me reassurance that all is going well

    2. A great husband who works hard at work and then comes home and works hard on our basement to get it finished.


    3. Eggnog lattes from Starbucks because they are crazy delicious.

    4. An electric blanket on those nights where my husbands is out working and I can stay cosy warm

    5. The fact that God brought us to Beaverlodge where we have been blessed with great friends, a great house, a great church and snow more than an inch.