Thursday, January 12, 2012

Never Abandoned

Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, O Lord,
have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.

I know these words are absolutely true.  I've lived long enough to put them to the test and He's never abandoned me.  I've searched for Him in times of great desperation and in times of everyday weariness. He's always been there. 

There have been moments where it hasn't felt like it, but in retrospect it's so obvious that only His love and grace got me through that time.

I love that He's there for days like today...when the story's not particularly glamorous or dramatic, but I still need to know His presence.  I need Him when I'm biting my tongue because we're running late and I've already said three times, "Put socks on!"  I need to sense His presence as I'm running from one kid-drop-off to the next.  I need to sense His love flowing through me when I just want to grab milk at the grocery store and hurry out, but I meet someone who needs a genuine, "How are you?"  I really, really need to sense His presence when we all finally tumble into the house hours past suppertime and we're all hungry.

I need to know His presence all the time.  I love that we have the promise:  seek Him and you'll find Him.  

The trick is to remember to stop and seek.  To believe even when we don't feel. (Sometimes I'm not aware that He's there until I begin to give thanks.)

Search for Him wherever you find yourself today.  You'll find Him.  He'll never abandon you.  You have His Word on it.

Blessings, my friend.

Psalm 9:10

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  1. Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love the titles of your blog posts? It's like they breathe encouragement before I even open the link to the full post...

    Love you :)