Monday, January 30, 2012

In the Shade

Before the sun was anywhere near the horizon I was driven awake by a sense of panic.  I hate that.  It hardly ever happens anymore, but it used to more often than not.  Panic doesn't belong to me.  In the darkness I sought the root and found it in the looming deadline. 

Simultaneously, another message rose to the surface.

"...the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand."

My right hand.  The one I work with.  Shaded.  Sheltered from the blistering heat of the midday sun.  Protected by my loving Father.

Work I must, but I don't need to be scorched.

Shielded and protected.  Shaded.

It's Monday and the week stretches ahead, full of responsibilities.  Lean into the shade of His right hand. 

The Lord himself watches over you!
The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade,
The sun will not harm you by day, 
nor the moon at night.
The Lord keeps you from all harm
and watches over your life.
The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,
both now and forever.
Psalm 121:5-8; KJV/NLT

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