Thursday, February 9, 2012

When You're Low on Hope

What do we do when we run low on hope?  Some days life comes at us from all directions and some days the wait for the promise gets long...  Our hope gets battered.  Never mind "extreme hope," we'd be happy for a shred of hope!

First of all, I think it's really important to be honest when we're feeling low on hope.  (Nothing will sap that last little bit of hope energy like trying to pretend you're something that you're not.)  It happens.  We're human.  There is no condemnation, but there are ways to have your hope refreshed.

There are a few things that help me a lot...

Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us.
And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement
as we wait patiently for God's promises to be fulfilled.

I have my favourites.  Both Joseph of the multi-coloured coat and King David inspire me.  So much many times it looked like circumstances and other people were wrecking the good plan...but God's promises were still fulfilled.  Just reading and rereading certain Psalms can refresh my hope.

I also love hearing the God stories of others.  I challenge you to ask someone you consider faith-filled to tell you one of their best God stories.  Chances are it'll remind you of something in your own life and before you know it, you'll be hope-full again.  In fact, both of you will be renewed!

Finally, when you're running low on hope ask someone to pray for you.  It's always a bit of a risk.  I dread getting a whole lot of well-intentioned advice or being misunderstood, but a wise friend will let you pour out your heart and then carry you to the heart of the Father in prayer.  Some of my friends prayed for me this week when I was feeling really weary in my home schooling and it changed everything.  I may never stop being surprised by what a huge difference it makes when I ask someone to pray for me.

Glory to the One who is the source of our hope and who sustains our hope!

Blessing you with the shred of hope you need.  Feed that hope and you'll have extreme hope, overflowing hope.  Hope that preys on hopelessness.

I pray that God, the source of hope,
will fill you completely with joy and peace
because you trust in him.
Then you will overflow with confident hope
through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:4, 13
P.S.  If you need someone to pray for you and you don't know who to ask, send me a private message.  I'll pray.

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  1. God's promises were still fulfilled, in spite of what looked like man messing it all up...hard to wrap my head around that...whoa. He works all things for the good. Doesn't mean He commissions all things. But He really CAN win with any hand. Need to meditate on that in light of this week with Aracely. (And, somewhat related...could you someday do a blog post--or just message me--on the topic of God being in control versus God being sovereign? Like the difference? Or are they the same? I feel that these things are misused and misunderstood. I guess we could talk for hours on that...)