Sunday, February 5, 2012

Extreme Hope

Last week my beautiful friend Jen sent me a text in which she said, "I bless you with extreme hope, abiding faith, extreme hope that preys on hopelessness."

It kind of blew my hair back.  It's like she had seen into a secret place and typed out one of my heart's desires.  It's a longing that has defied description, but she described it.  I've been savouring those words.

I have hope.  Lots of hope.  Hope is one of the words that defines my life.  My passion is to spread hope.

But I'm timid too.

Sometimes I'm afraid that you will think I don't understand the depth of your pain and disappointment.  And I might not.  Your pain may not the same as mine.  I haven't walked the same road you walk.  I don't want to seem insensitive.  I hesitate...not because I don't believe in the hope, not because I haven't experienced glorious hope, but because I'm afraid you might not believe me when I say it's for you too.  So I hold back.

Sometimes I consider the stories of others and wonder would I still have this hope if I'd gone through that?

I've decided that the answer is yes.  Hope isn't relative to circumstances.  People who have gone through "that" have told me that it's as real for them as it is for me--perhaps more so.  Hope is a confidence in the person of Jesus Christ, a firm expectation that God will do what He says He'll do.  That His plans are always good.  That He can make something beautiful out of the worst of human messes.

"Extreme hope that preys on hopelessness."

I receive that blessing, Jen.  I'm praying for a courage that won't hesitate to invite Hope into any and every situation.  I want to fearlessly wage war on hopelessness.

He will not crush those who are weak, 
or quench the smallest hope until he brings full justice with his final victory.
And His name will be the hope of all the world.

Matthew 12:20-21

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  1. I'm smiling because I can definitely relate to this. What an amazing blessing. :)