Monday, December 19, 2011

His Delight

"Where is another God like delight in showing unfailing love."

You delight in showing unfailing love.

I have yet to plumb the depths of this mystery.  When I fail I'm so overcome with sadness.  I'm sure He's not thrilled either...just as I am not when my children make poor choices.  In that sadness it never crosses my mind that He delights in showing me unfailing love.  I get that He forgives me.  That He is good and has made a way for my redemption.  But delight?

Delight is defined as "a high degree of gratification, joy, something that gives great pleasure."

I think I've pictured Him as sort of patient, kind, and definitely long-suffering as He grants me forgiveness (again!).  Meditating on this verse is further revising the picture in my mind.

This verse is referring specifically to forgiveness of sin.  It goes on:

"Once again you will have compassion on us.  You will trample our sins under your feet and throw them into the depths of the ocean!"

Yes, His Spirit brings conviction.  It's good, so good, to recognize the need of repentance.

Some, at this point, may picture anger on His face.  Some may see kindness, long-suffering, or even benevolence.  Delight?

He has joy at our repentance.  The price has already been paid for our transgression and He delights in offering that gift to us.  It gives Him great joy!  His arms are thrown wide open, He's running to meet us, He's ready to throw a party!  Not because we've sinned, but because we've sought restoration.

Can you picture Him scooping you up into a big bear hug with a rumble of joy-laughter in His chest?

He delights in showing His unfailing love.

Micah 7:18-19


  1. Can I picture Him scooping me up in a big bear hug with a rumble of joy-laughter in His chest??????? CAN I?? YEAHHH, GREAT post! Ah, leaves me with food for thought. Delight. Wow.

  2. Great post. I know I kinda think He is long suffering with me and wanting to whack me in the back of the head sometimes. But to think he is delighted....something to ponder today!!