Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes stuff just pops out of my mouth. It seems to completely bypass my brain and shock those around me only a little less than I myself am shocked. It was a very wise One indeed who said that the mouth speaks out of the heart.* Many times no brain cells are involved at all.

However, there are times when it's not a bad thing. It's as though I'm being spoken to through my own mouth. I know the wisdom is not my own. I'm being inspired--"breathed into" by the Spirit of Truth. Such was the case on Monday...

My little one's heart is often frustrated by the fact that people simply will not follow rules. They must. If they won't, she is compelled to set things straight. I know there's a plan for this passion but it can also be the source of much strife--the job often belongs to another--in this case, her parents.

"He's not letting her answer the question!"

At this moment, the "her" in question was okay with that and simply enjoying the conversation.

Words poured out of my mouth that were for her and for me.

"Just be gracious. Grace-filled. Be at peace with the fact that he's not perfect and yet still worthy of being loved. Just like you are."

Just be gracious.


Not perfect.

Worthy of being loved.

"Be gentle with one another, sensitive.
Forgive one another
as quickly and thoroughly
as God in Christ forgave you."
Ephesians 4:32

Matthew 15:18


  1. Good word, Michelle. Good word. ;)

    Love you!

  2. hee hee I love this! I too have had times where the words have poured out my mouth... usually too, there is not much rebuttal by the listener -aka- my child. It is good to be "used" in this way!